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Lesley Aldridge

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Lesley Aldridge

Lesley Aldridge has a background in retail management and came to pharmacy 10 years ago when she was made redundant just before Christmas

She quickly realised she had found her niche. “Selling and management had been great,” she recalls. “But in this role, I get to help people.”

Now a health champion and passionate about services, Lesley believes in the power of communication. “It’s mainly about starting the conversation with people and showing them that change is possible and there is help and support out there,” she says.

Lesley remembers one customer for whom this approach really worked. “She had tried twice previously to quit smoking with her GP. She came in to buy some NRT products and I asked if she wanted support. I told her there was no pressure, but she had reservations,” she explains. After a private chat, she discovered that the customer suffered from anxiety and ME, but Lesley “asked for a chance to prove that I could help her”. Together they came up with strategies to help keep her hands and mind busy, including taking up cross stitching, and it proved a success.

Mike Holden, judge and associate director at Pharmacy Complete, says: “Lesley is an exemplar health champion who demonstrates that pharmacy cares on every level.” Lesley was rewarded with highly commended in the Healthy Living Advisor category.

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