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Atlanta Price

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Atlanta Price

“In the short period I worked with Atlanta, I felt like I have worked with her for a lifetime,” says pharmacist manager, Vikram Parmar. “She deserves all the plaudits and success.”

Atlanta initially began work in Boots as a Christmas temp. Some 23 years later and she’s pretty much worked every job the company has to offer! “I’ve been a healthcare advisor, and then I was a dispenser,” she says. “I was an assistant manager for a while, and I’ve been a store manager for three years.” 

As a manager, Atlanta prides herself on her ability to boost team morale. “My main objective is to inspire my staff,” she explains. “This is the area when I feel I most excel as a leader. I’m just always there for my team and I want to be – I love this part that comes with my job, taking them under my wing.”

The judges were most impressed with this dedication to her work. Lead pharmacist at Bedminster Pharmacy, Ade Williams, MBE, comments that: “Atlanta is a transformational leader who not only sets examples but carriers her team along with remarkable results.”

The best way to highlight the impression Atlanta leaves on her staff, however, is through the impact she has had on Vikram. “I am now managing my own store”, he says, “but Atlanta, to me, will always be my boss”. 

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Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022