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Sinead Nealon

Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022

Sinead Nealon

Sinead Nealon has worked for Village Pharmacy Cosby for nine years, working her way up from an apprentice to area manager for both pharmacies in the group

“Sinead is deeply committed to going above and beyond for our patients to make their lives as stress free as possible,” says Village Pharmacy Cosby director Nick Somani, who nominated her for the Team Leader Award. 

“I try and get out on the shop floor as much as possible because I’ve been working here for so long, I know most of our patients so it’s nice to see them and keep up that rapport,” adds Sinead. 

Heart of the community 

“Sinead has worked tremendously hard to place Village Pharmacy Group at the heart of the community,” says Nick. “It has become the central hub for everyone to visit and unites local residents. Sinead actively involves the local community by creating hampers and colouring competition for everyone. 

“These competitions never fail to surpass our wildest expectations. We attract global attention and receive positive feedback. Recently, Sinead orchestrated a bake sale for Red Nose Day. From ordering decorations to printing off posters to greeting customers at the stand, Sinead successfully contributed to raising an astonishing £301.96 throughout the day.”

The Village Pharmacy Group is also extremely popular on social media, with their TikTok videos especially, going viral. “Our TikToks have been watched all over the world,” says Sinead. “So, we’ll post any campaigns on there. We are also very active on all our social medias and use them as a way to interact with our patients.”

Making sure her team is up to date on all relevant training and information is also incredibly important for Sinead. “I always encourage regular training amongst the team,” she says. “I do training evenings as well, so we’ll all order in some pizza and I try to make some of the modules interactive so that people engage with them more. I think it’s really helpful to train together as we encourage each other to work hard.” 

The judges were impressed with the breadth of Sinead’s abilities. “Sinead has accomplished so much in such a short space of time,” says Reena Barai, independent contractor and pharmacist at S G Barai pharmacy. “She has shown passion and dedication to the service,” adds Emma Charlesworth, head of marketing operations for Phoenix Medical Supplies. “She certainly keeps herself busy and is clearly committed to the business.”

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Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022