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Eleanor Collins

Eleanor took home first prize for the Team Leader category at the Recognition of Excellence Awards.

Eleanor Collins
Everetts Pharmacy, Park Gate
Team Leader Award

Her journey into pharmacy began 10 years ago, and during that time Eleanor Collins [pictured (left) with Tim Brady, director at Aspire] has risen through the ranks and is now a role relief accuracy checking technician (ACT) manager and a standout to our judges as the winner of the Team Leader Award.

Eleanor is currently participating in a CPPE pharmacy technician impact group which takes place over 12 months and aims to support professional development, build confidence and develop leadership skills. “During the sessions, it became apparent that Ellie was providing great leadership to her team and supporting her superintendent pharmacist well,” says nominator and CPPE education supervisor, Joanne Nevinson. “She is always willing to learn and keen to discuss her work and consider potential actions to further improve her leadership style and implement system changes to provide the best possible service for patient care.” 

An embodiment of reassurance

Eleanor is willing to learn and grow and is focussed on upskilling her team. She remains committed to her ongoing development and continues to leave a positive impact wherever she goes. Examining the fantastic trail she has already blazed, her superintendent, Tim Baker, reflects on her positive impact over the years, saying: “In 2022 at our St Luke’s Pharmacy, Hedge End, the existing ACT dispensary supervisor relocated, and with a new pharmacist manager in branch needing support, Ellie lead the dispensary team at this branch for a number of months, enabling the new pharmacist to gain experience, and helping to train the new dispensary team, through the busy winter season, fulfilling this whilst on part time hours, and raising a young family.”

“Her quietly authoritative manner is well-received by all staff and her standard of work and efficient organisational methods set an example of the highest calibre I have seen in my pharmacy career,” adds Tim. “Ellie is highly respected by all pharmacists and dispensers in the company, and her presence has become the embodiment of reassurance in any situation.”

On top of all this, Eleanor has found time to maintain her flu vaccination skills and remotely supervised the ‘floating’ bank of dispensing and counter staff to ensure best staffing levels at all pharmacies in the group. She has also set up a dispensary hub to improve efficiency across Everetts branches. This was certainly picked up by the judges. “Holding a relief position can make it difficult to effect change and provide leadership when you are not in one place for too long. However, Eleanor seems to have overcome this and in her short time at St Luke’s Pharmacy, Hedge End, she has provided great leadership to the new pharmacist manager whilst remotely supervising the ‘floating’ bank of dispensing and counter staff!” says managing director of Pickfords Pharmacy, Mimi Lau.

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