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Sheena Sanhye

Sheena took home highly commended for the Innovation category.

Sheena Sanhye 
Honeypot Pharmacy
Innovation Award
Highly Commended

Sheena Sanhye has been working in community pharmacy for the past seven years and is always on the lookout for things that can make the teams’ work run smoothly. Most recently, a discovery of new technology had a real impact on the pharmacy. 

“In January 2022, I discovered Accurx which is a new way for healthcare teams and patients to seamlessly connect with each other through an integrated platform,” she explains.

“I played around with it on my laptop and once I knew how to use it, I went into work the next day and told my boss about it. I showed him the system and he was instantly amazed! The first few days we were using it, my boss kept saying ‘look the prescription area is empty, people are just collecting their prescriptions so fast!’

“In the last year it’s been such a handy tool to have to say when their prescription is ready for collection. It’s so quick and easy to use. We now have less backlog of prescriptions and so much space in our pharmacy. 

“We also use Accurx to message GP surgeries. We cut out a lot of phone time, which saves the pharmacy and GP surgery time sorting out prescription queries. It’s nice to have this great technology, it just makes the relationship between our pharmacy, patients and GP practice run smoothly!”

The judges were extremely impressed with the way Sheena went out of her way to find technology to help life in the pharmacy. “Embracing technology is what every pharmacy needs to improve efficiency, communication and a quality patient experience. Well done Sheena!” says Mike Holden, associate director at Pharmacy Complete.

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