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Benjamin Cronin

Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022

Benjamin Cronin

Our judges were blown away by pharmacy advisor Benjamin Cronin, whose quick actions without a doubt saved a life

This story truly highlights the important and significant impact that pharmacy staff can have in their communities.

A lifesaver

When a regular patient, well known to the pharmacy and local community, collapsed and suffered cardiac arrest outside the Boots UK store on London Road North, Benjamin ran out of the pharmacy and quickly took control of the situation. “Benjamin immediately started CPR, instructing the pharmacist to conduct a jaw thrust to open the airway whilst a member of staff from the Co-Op went to get their AED,” says his nominator. “Once the AED arrived, Benjamin continued to follow instruction, delivering four shocks to the patient until the paramedic arrived who worked alongside him to successfully restart the patient’s heart and to place him into a coma on the roadside, giving the patient the best chance possible.”

And, after a few months of intense treatment, the patient survived and is now safely back home, returning to normal life. Benjamin demonstrated an unbelievable act of courage, which was praised heavily by the judges. “He showed great empathy and professionalism working with paramedics performing CPR,” says Ifti Khan, pharmacy superintendent at Well Pharmacy whilst Richard Dunne, senior manager pharmacy learning and development at Boots UK, adds: “Ben shows the role beyond dispensing, the important role our teams play in our communities.”

This summer, Benjamin is already planning to further share his knowledge and skills with his community. He plans to work with Suffolk Accident Rescue Service in Beccles and Lowestoft to provide members of the public with the basic skills of CPR and Basic Life Support, ensuring that everyone feels confident in their abilities to potentially save a life just as he did.

“He continuously wants to support the communities he works within and strives to provide the best healthcare possible for all of our customers and patients,” summarised his nominator. 

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Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022