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Gail Watts

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Gail Watts

Gail Watts has worked in community pharmacy for the past 35 years, an outstanding contribution to the sector. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic she had to take on a leadership role, twice, as various managers left

“Over the last two years, I have had to step up quite a lot in the pharmacy,” she explains. “I am in charge of the rotas, which were a big challenge during Covid because we have quite elderly staff. Lots of them were vulnerable and couldn’t work so I had to organise everyone and work out how we could stay open. I tend to always step up when I need to and I try to always be there for everyone.”

This was praised by the judges, specifically Ifti Khan, pharmacy superintendent at Well who said: “Gail stepped up and took on additional responsibilities during the pandemic, to lead the team in the absence of a regular pharmacist and ensure the pharmacy team worked as a unit.”

Her nominator, pharmacy manager Cath Wood, also sang her praises: “Gail kept the team together, working around 80 hours a week to make sure our commitments to the community and surgery were upheld. Without her, the branch would have failed drastically and caused huge distress to our customers. I really feel that she is due recognition for her commitment and efforts given to keep the branch going.” She certainly is! Congratulations Gail, you’re an asset to both your pharmacy and the profession.

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