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Stephanie Moura

Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022

Stephanie Moura

“We are very grateful to have Stephanie as such a dedicated member of the team,” says pharmacy services coordinator, Azimah Peeroo who nominated her for the Retail Skills Award

“Not only is she compassionate about who has access to the products in the pharmacy, but she also thinks of the bigger picture,” she adds. 

Stephanie’s pharmacy journey started slowly, she began working in the healthcare industry via a placement in a mental health unit of a private hospital. An interest in medication led her to apply to work in a pharmacy and the rest – as they say – is history! 

Skincare saviour

In her own time, Stephanie made it her mission to better understand how different products work, particularly in the skincare category. “I’m now the person in the pharmacy who talks to patients if they are having any skin problems,” she says. “We stock lots of products, so I have met with all the representatives from the different companies who have told me all the things to tell a customer about ingredients and benefits.”

Stephanie is always keen not to offend customers coming in to enquire about their skin, usually asking starter questions such as ‘do you use a cleanser?’ and then enquiring more about the product. If they have been using it for a long time and not seen any improvement, she makes alternative suggestions. 

“I usually try to leave it up to them, so I’ll recommend a product and lots of companies will give me free samples, so I offer them some of those. I do understand why they’re hesitant to try a new product, so I always say that if they have any questions and concerns to come back and ask me.

“Once they take the free sample, the majority of customers come back for the real product. I also often talk to them on a personal level because I have really sensitive skin, so I tell them about my experience with the different products, and of course I always advise that they do a patch test before they put the product all over their face just in case they react to it.” 

The RoE judges were impressed by Stephanie’s expertise and the support she provides to her patient. Indeed, for Ade Williams MBE, lead pharmacist at Bedminster Pharmacy, Bristol: “Her dedication to ensuring her patients and customers all have exceptional experiences is the result of thoughtful planning and application.” Reena Barai, independent contractor and pharmacist at S G Barai pharmacy agreed, adding “Having a team member who is a retail expert and go-to person is a real asset in any organisation. Stephanie sounds exactly like this sort of person.”

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Recognition of Excellence Awards 2022