As the seasons change, so will the type of advice and product recommendations that pharmacy teams offer to customers. To help, here is a round up some of the products that can help customers get through the winter months unscathed

With the holiday festivities behind us, temperatures continuing to drop and winter viruses looming around every corner, the health outlook at this time of year can be bleak. But succumbing to winter ailments is far from inevitable if you’ve got the right know-how. From keeping the immune system in tip-top condition and staving off cold sores to managing bothersome cold and flu symptoms, there’s a whole host of self care advice and products that pharmacy teams can share with customers to help them banish the bugs and ensure they stay happy and healthy this winter.

Winter can often pack a punch to the immune system, making people much more open to attack from coughs, colds and other infections. As such, supporting the immune system at this time of year is especially important. Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-strain formula contains 14 live bacterial cultures that are proven to survive the high-acidity of the stomach and help support the gut flora, preventing initial infection and potentially reducing the need for antibiotics, claims manufacturer Probiotics International.
Probiotics International Ltd: 01460 243230

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has launched a £7.5 million investment to drive awareness of its cold and flu portfolio, including Day & Night Nurse, Beechams and Otrivine. GSK is aiming to help pharmacies capitalise on the seasonal sales opportunity and help customers self care by finding the right product to treat their symptoms. GSK also hopes to drive awareness from GPs to pharmacies as the initial go-to for cold and flu solutions. Investments include TV, out of home and digital advertising, as well as developing the brands’ in-store presence.
GlaxoSmithKline: 0800 783 8881

 Redoxon Triple Action effervescent tablets contain a combination of high strength nutrients, vitamins C and D and zinc, which are proven to help support the immune system, says manufacturer Bayer. The orange flavoured, triple action formulation helps to maintain the body’s natural defences and feel energized, the company adds. The tablets are suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age.
Ceuta Healthcare: 0344 243 661

Unlike sore throat lozenges, Ultra Chloraseptic Throat Spray delivers an anaesthetic straight to the site of pain for numbing relief in seconds, says manufacturer Prestige Brands. Containing benzocaine, Ultra Chloraseptic is available in a range of flavours – blackcurrant, honey & lemon, cherry and original menthol. The product is being supported with a £1 million national outdoor advertising campaign from November until February, entitled ‘Surprised Faces’. Posters will be in train and tube stations, on buses and in public spaces to raise awareness.
Ceuta Healthcare: 0844 243 6661

Cold sore brand Zovirax has undergone a packaging refresh across its range to optimise brand identity and demonstrate the product more clearly to shoppers to ensure they are using the right product for treating their cold sore, explains manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Alongside the redesign, Zovirax will be on TV for the first time in six years with a comprehensive Medifacts ad campaign. The ad has been live since mid-December and aims to educate non-treaters and encourage them to seek solutions. This is being supported with a full digital campaign including social media presence, GSK adds.
GlaxoSmithKline: 0800 783 8881


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